Conference Venue

Arrillaga Alumni Center

Workshops and concurrent sessions will be held at Stanford University’s Arrillaga Alumni Center.

Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center
326 Galvez Street
Stanford, CA 94305-6105
See Map

Additional concurrent sessions will take place at:

John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn (SIEPR) Building
366 Galvez Street
Stanford, CA 94305-6105

Please wear comfortable walking shoes as you may need to walk between the parking lot and two buildings throughout the day.

*Please note that Stanford University is a non-smoking campus.

Transportation to and From Conference Hotels

Thursday and Friday (7/7 & 7/8): Conference hotel guests should take the Stanford Marguerite Shuttle between the conference site and conference hotels. See information listed in the Housing page of this website for more detailed information.

Saturday (7/9): On the morning of Saturday, July 9, APA Division 45 shuttle buses will be available between 7:00-8:30 AM to take conference attendees staying at the Sheraton Palo Alto and Stanford Guest House to the conference site at Arrillaga Alumni Center. On Saturday evening, buses will be available between 7:00-8:00 PM to take conference attendees from Arrillaga Alumni Center back to the Sheraton Palo Alto and Stanford Guest House. Additional shuttle information and specific pick-up times will be listed in the printed conference program.

Outside of these bus times, conference hotel guests can call the below on-call Palo Alto University transportation shuttle for pick-up.

Additional Transportation Shuttle For Saturday (7/9) only:

A small on-call Palo Alto University shuttle will be available to all conference attendees throughout Saturday for transportation to/from conference hotels and around the Stanford University campus. Please call Jose  at (510) 714-1065  to schedule a pick-up.

On-Campus Transportation via Golf Cart

For conference attendees needing assistance with travel between the two next-door conference buildings (Frances Arrillaga Center and Gunn/SIEPR), or around Stanford campus, an on-call gold cart is available. Please call Netani  at (650) 730-4589  to schedule a pick-up.

WiFi Access at the Conference

Wifi access will be available at the conference venues. Select SSID Stanford Visitor from your device’s list of available wireless networks. Open a browser and load any URL; you will be redirected to an access page. Click Accept to acknowledge the terms of use. Your browser will be sent to a confirmation page, and from there you can get online.


Stanford Parking MapAttendees who are driving to campus should park in the Galvez Parking Lot. Please see the map (on the right and linked below) for the 3 entry points to the Galvez lot and its location relative to the Arrillaga Alumni Center, where the conference will be held. Attendees will need to pay for parking using exact Cash, Coin, or Visa/MasterCard.  Parking is currently $8 per day using a coupon code (5304) which will be valid on Thursday, July 7th & Friday, July 8th. Parking is free on Saturday.

In order to use the coupon code:

  1. First park and remember your stall number.
  2. Touch any key to exit the intro screen.
  3. Enter your stall number and Press [OK] to Continue.
  4. Select #1 to Purchase a Ticket.
  5. On the next screen, select (1) for Incremental or (2) for All Day Parking.  If arriving after 10:45am use the incremental option without an event code and skip to Step 9.
  6. If All Day Parking is selected, select “Yes” when it asks if you have an event code.
  7. Enter the event code number (5304) and press OK.
  8. Once the code is entered, you’ll receive a message that says “Get Ready For Payment”.
  9. Insert your Visa/Mastercard or cash payment (if incremental rate was selected and paying by credit card, increase the expiration time by pressing the ‘1’ key).  If paying by cash, deposit more money to increase the expiration time.
  10. Select OK to complete transaction and print your receipt.  You do not need to display receipt on dashboard.

There are additional parking lots available on campus, but you will not be able to use the coupon code unless you park in the Galvez Lot. Hourly payment is also available. No payment is required after 4pm.

Please review the Alumni Center Parking Map for directions & additional parking options:

Other Resources

Faith & Worship Locations

The CIRCLE Sanctuary is a large interfaith center on the 3rd floor of the Old Union building at Stanford.  It is generally open and available for prayer use.  There are wudu facilities right next to the Sanctuary door, for those who may need to wash.  We have this space reserved all day on Thursday 7/7, and much of the day Friday 7/8.  Jumuaa prayers are held in the CIRCLE Sanctuary every Friday at 1:15pm.  Old Union building is closed on weekends in the summer, so the space will not be available Saturday 7/9.

For Christians and others who want a beautiful space for quiet reflection, Stanford Memorial Church is open M-F, 8am-5pm.

Lactation Room

There will be a lactation room available at Arrillaga Alumni Center on Thursday through Saturday.

Disability Accommodations

There will be a golf cart and/or shuttle available for transportation from the main conference building (Arrillaga Alumni Center) to the SIEPR building next door where several breakout sessions will be held. There will also be comfortable seating available in the conference building lobby.