Deadline: May 25, 2018 at 5:00 PM EST

Message from the Division 45 Student Committee:

The Division 45 Student Committee is honored to offer Division 45 Conference Travel Awards. Under the guidance of the Division 45 Conference Committee, we will be offering a number of awards up to $5oo. This year, the Division 45 Travel Award will include a mentorship component. Award recipients will be required to attend the full Division 45 Conference at the University of Texas at Austin. They will meet with Division 45 leadership, attend the Links & Shoulders event, and participate in following award requirements. It is our hope to continue to create spaces where the next emerging leaders of Division 45 can thrive. As part of our new mentorship travel award criteria, Division 45 will also accept a limited number of scholars who are completing post-doctoral fellowships.


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Division 45 Conference Award Info

Division 45 sponsors several travel awards to attend the Division 45 Conference every other year. Division 45 allocates up to $500 each to help assist with the cost of attendance.

Please consider applying for this award if you meet criteria, or forward on to eligible students or peers.

What are the Division 45 Conference Student Travel Awards?

Scholarships up to $500 will be awarded to assist with registration and housing costs. These scholarships are intended to increase Division 45 student member participation.

Division 45 Conference Travel Award Recipients:

  • Melissa Wheeler (2016)
  • Analia Abuja (2016)
  • Farzana Saleem (2016)
  • Johanna Collier (2016)
  • Sheena Mirpuri (2016)

Who is Eligible?

All undergraduate, graduate students, and a select few post-doctoral candidates currently enrolled in a psychology-related program are eligible to apply for this award. Preference will be given to first time attendees. Applicants must be current student members of APA Division 45. Consideration will be given to those students who demonstrate the following:

  • Leadership Experience
  • Conference, Presentations, and Symposiums
  • Publications
  • Public Service and Community Activities
  • Awards and Scholarships

How do I apply?

Students must complete and submit the application form located below. The Division 45 Conference Student Travel Award is due May 25th. Please note recommendations are due by the award deadline. Recommender’s will automatically receive a recommendation form after you submit your application. Be sure to allow adequate time for your recommender to complete his/her recommendation.

What are the application requirements?

Interested students will need to submit an application that includes the following:

  1. Application Form. The form requests contact information for the applicant, the student’s professional goals, presentation(s) during the conference, how attending the conference will help enhance professional development towards the research and practice of ethnic minority psychology, and financial need.
  2. Letter of Reference. A letter of reference from the student’s advisor or faculty mentor is needed who can verify enrollment, provide a general reference about the nominee, and the nominee’s commitment and potential for advancing ethnic minority issues. The person completing the form will be sent and email automatically to complete the form after the application form has been submitted. Be sure to complete the application in plenty of time for your recommender to complete the form in time for the deadline.
  3. Current CV (Abbreviated 2 Page)

How is my application evaluated?

Application materials will be evaluated by a committee (comprised of the student representative and other Division 45 Executive Committee members) based on merit of application letter and students’ overall potential to advancing the psychology of ethnic minority communities.

How will I be notified?

Applicants will be notified via email regarding status of their application.

What are the conditions of award recipients?

Accepting the travel award commits the students to attending the entire conference. The Award will be based on following commitment by each awardee:

  • Awardee will attend at least 3 presentations or events sponsored by Division 45
  • Awardee will write a synopsis (1 page) of the presentations/events and why the Division 45 travel scholarship was beneficial. This synopsis will be featured in the Division 45 FOCUS newsletter. 
  • Awardee will attend the Division 45 student social and receive recognition at the event

You can access the applications here: (Division 45 Conference Travel Link)